Friday, July 10, 2015

I Got Donuts Today!

My Krispy Kreme adventure.
Today Krispy Kreme had an offer where you buy one dozen at the regular price and get a second for less than a dollar. I don't remember what they were celebrating. I had an errand to run nearby and decided to treat our family (we rarely get stuff like this). Of course it was a mad house - there was even a poor cop in this near-100-degree weather directing cars in and out of the parking lot! Now, I am practically a hermit and recluse whenever possible. When things get crazy like this and there are an overwhelming number of people, I tend to decide it's not worth it. Today I chose, as Nike says, to just do it.

I know it's silly for me to even bother writing about something that's not a big deal to so many people - standing in a long line crammed in with other people like sardines, or even waiting in your car for what feels like eternity as you use the drive-thru. Well, this is a big deal for me. I got my two dozen after maybe half an hour of being in the drive-thru (because I will NOT be a sardine), and I decided to celebrate my minor feat by drawing my food - another thing I never bother doing. So here it is; bask in Donut Glory. This little drawing is on Canson sketch paper in Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and took an hour, no pre-sketching - I just dove in, like I did the box of donuts, heh. Plus, I haven't worked in colored pencils in years. I can't decide if my favorite bit is the plate or the inside of the donut where I took a bite before getting to work. And the moral of the story is:

Do something out of your comfort zone. Draw something out of your comfort zone.